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Ontario Family Fishing Events

6th Annual Hamlyn Invitational Ice Fishing Derby


Date(s) - February 14, 2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Constance Lake
175 Constance Lake Road
Kanata, Ontario

Mark your calendars because it’s almost time for the 6th Annual Hamlyn Invitational Ice Fishing Tournament…and The Battle for the Coveted Cup!!!

It’s FAMILY DAY weekend for us here in Ontario and like in past years it works out to be Ontario Family Fishing Weekend (Feb 14th – 16th)… which means that adults can fish with their kids license free!

So I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than with Family and Friends fishing through the ice…trying to catch “The BIG ONE”

Here are the details:
When- February 14th 2015 (Family Day ON,AB,SK)
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm…
Where- Constance Lake, Ontario
(Approx 20 minutes from Kanata)
Cost- $10.00 per Adult $5.00 per Child (0 yrs – 15 yrs)

Included with price:
2x – ALL Beef Hot Dogs
1x – Hot Chocolate
1x – Drilled Hole
Use of the Heated Shelter
*For warming up purposes ONLY, there will be NO fishing out of the shelter.

What to Bring: (Bait & Tackle)
Basics Gear list – Suggestions

Jigging rods-or Tip Ups Line- 4 to 8 lb test ice-line
Bait: minnows,worms or Jigging Lures, A 5 gallon bucket (to sit on), Hand warmers, Needle nose pliers, Fishing License- (Not Required), An assortment of split-shot
Fingernail clippers (to cut line), Ice scoop, First Aid kit, Ice auger, Sled for auger or vehicle if the ice is thick enough. Bait bucket, Camera, Food Drinks,Towel & Sunglasses

Must Haves if bringing kids:

Extra gloves, Tissues (those noses run all the time!), Lot’s of snacks, A small sled or something to entertain them Bait & Tackle would be on you.

Let me know if you are coming as soon as possible so we can be sure to have enough stuff for ALL people attending.

Come On Out… it gets better every year and shouldn’t be missed!

If anybody has any Photos or stories from last year feel free to share…send them to me!


Contact me at:

*Important Notice
In the spirit of conservation, this ice fishing derby is strictly catch and release promoting a sustainable fishery for years to come.


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